Clair’Empreinte Company

Clarence Mugnier and Maxim Kopistko met at CNDC in Angers in 1997.
Their close Relationship at work gave them a need to create together.

So, they created in 2001, Tu me plais, a duo performed in Festival Retours at CNDC in Angers. Then, a duo entitled Secrets en Pierre, performed at Contemporary Plastic Art Area of J. Warminsky L’Hélice Terrestre.
The Musée des Beaux-Arts in Chartres order a choreography Un jour… la nuit supported by an original music from percussionist Marc Depond.
2002, The Company takes part in the Summer Festival in Trélazé.
2005, Clair’Empreinte Company is founded in Angers. It includes Michelle Cotillon, a choreographer and teacher.
2008, the two dancers create Déclic from an idea of Michelle Cotillon.
2013, a trio, Voisins is created. Then, les Métamorphoses is co-created with Jean-Pierre Logerais, a painter who exhibited the Jardin des Délices at the Grand Théâtre d’Angers.

Clarence Mugnier creates then, a solo, entitled, Couleurs Femme, born from a meeting with painter François-Xavier Alexandre and a symphony orchestra. This solo was performed at Grand Théâtre d’Angers on 30th November and 1st December 2013.

Since it has been born, Clair’Empreinte carried out a lot of designs devoted to Young pupils and dance lovers, to explain what contemporary dance means.

The two choreographers put students forward to share moments which will enable them to be in touch with art création.

Main features of Company’s work

The two dancers Watch daily movements of men and women : what they do, where they live…
Their target is to explore sensitiveness, feelings…
Body’s work and movement must draw characters out of their human and social wrap, on their point of view.
They also take care of drama and music environment. Trough a fast movement, right and full of poetry, they like to express thrill and feelings.

Clair’Empreinte used to deal matters proper to Young people and teens and helps them to have a link with art.